Friday, September 30, 2005


There is no better time if you are a baseball fan than right now. It is the last weekend of the season and the good guys, the Boston Red Sox are playing their arch enemy rivals the dreaded N.Y. Yankees. The Sox are a game back, which makes this a dream weekend at old Fenway. But more is going on here than meets the eye, because in all of the fanfare and excitement of a great pennant race, I see God. You say to yourself, "he is really off his rocker, it is just baseball". First of all I have never been on my rocker, but that is for a different blog on another day. Let me explains how I see God.

God is a God of relationship and family. He is Trinitarian Himself. He is relationship, Father Son and Holy Spirit. He made us in His image. A part of that image is to be in relationships, but not just any relationships, the highest relationship on this earth God gives us is family. Husbands and Wives, Moms and Dads, children and parents. Family relationships display the Glory of God, by their very existence.

Here is where baseball comes in. For sports fans and even those on the fringe, the Red Sox rivalry with the Yankees draws families together in a special way. For example last night I am watching the Red Sox game with my youngest son and later on my daughter. The Red Sox cannot afford to lose another game, and they are losing by one run, and it is late in the game. Up comes David Ortiz and he hits a home run to tie the game, I jump up and am yelling, my son and I run towards each other and bump chests, everyone cheering. Then comes the next inning and we all are watching as the game is tied , the Red Sox have men on first and second and up comes again, David Ortiz, who proceeds to hit the game winning single. My son goes running around the house like he is in a race, my daughter and her friend are yelling screaming jumping around, I am in my chair laughing and playing baseball theme songs on the organ. It was a great family time.

In thinking about last night and the coming weekend, I am reminded that God uses things like sports, in fact all of His creation to being us joy, particularly as families. So yes you can do things like watch sports to the Glory of God! Enjoy the weekend, love your family and go Red Sox!

blog you later
pastor tom