Thursday, September 29, 2005


Tuesday officers at the Bogota Colombia Airport made a startling discovery during a routine search. Inside of Christian Icon statues they found three bodies of fetuses wrapped in plastic. They were destined for the United States. Authorities there believe they may have been intended for Satanic ritual abuse. I am reminded of a story told me by a missionary in Bogota when I was there speaking in 1995. He told me of a couple who had taken a dead baby on a plane. The baby had been killed, split open filled with cocaine and sewn back together. This is the depravity of man, this is the wickedness of the heart. In the book of Romans it speaks of God turning people over to the wickedness of their hearts, which is a frightening prospect.

You and I cannot imagine doing things like this. You and I cannot imagine being so hard hearted we would take infants and treat them in such a manner. But truth be told, you and I live in a society where this is done every day in doctors offices across our country. No they do not wrap babies in plastic to ship them out of the country, no they do not split them open and stuff them with cocaine. What the doctors of our country do, is go into the womb and kill babies. What doctors of our country do is to take a sharp instrument and while the baby is from the neck down already out of the womb and leaving the the mother, stab that child at the base of the brain. What the abortion mills do in our country is sell baby parts all over the world.

So before you recoil in shock at what was found in the Bogota Airport on Tuesday, understand this is happening somewhere within 30 miles of where you are reading this blog. So what can you do? Pray first and foremost for those involved from moms to doctors. But also get involved. Our church is opening up a pregnancy center to do our part in fighting the tragedy of our day. It is our desire to see babies born and moms and dads born again.

Total depravity is the condition of every person, it is the mission of the redeemed to give the prescription for the cure of that condition. Part of that cure is living out our faith in ways that make a difference in society.
For us at this time in our history, part of that cure is a pregnancy center, for His glory!

blog you later,
pastor tom