Wednesday, October 12, 2005


We have seen another amazing devastating disaster, the earthquake that hit Pakistan. Over 20,000 people dead in one event. An incredible reminder to us all that our lives are not our own and we do not know when we will be called into His presence. I am sure most of those who died that day did not wake up believing that this would be the day of their death. I am sure that most of those who died that day woke up concentrating on the things of this earth, as most people would do on any given day. But what interests me is Pat Robertson saying that the disaster made him think that the end is near and we are closer to the end of time.

I think it is important to recognize that the end times began when Jesus came to this earth. People can get very wrapped up in end times discussions, books conferences etc., many times to their detriment. Many times to the neglect of the rest of God's Word. We do live in the end times, and we have since Christ came to this earth. These earthquakes and floods and hurricanes are in actuality nothing new and statistically not even much more frequent, if at all, depending on whose data you look at.

Here is the reality every day you wake up you are on day closer to the end. Either the return of Christ or your departing to go be with Him through your death. What these "natural" disasters should remind us of is the power of God. The awesome God who control the wind and the weather. As believers we should live each day ready to meet our Savior, regardless if it is a bright sunny day, or if an incredible hurricane is on its way, or just leaving. I pray that the disaster in Pakistan causes you to pray for those suffering there, inspires you to see the hand of God in His creation, and reminds you of the brevity and uncertainty of life. But I also pray that we are living now or get to the point where we live ready for His return or our departure, regardless of what is happening around us.

blog you later,
pastor tom