Friday, October 14, 2005


There is some important news "flying"(pun intended) under the radar of most people. It is all this talk about the bird flu. You see the President talk about it and you see articles here and there but most people are not paying too much attention to it. Well it is probably time to take a look at what is happening. According to Rueters news service there is an emergency meeting being held by European bird experts because of the spread from Asia to Europe of H5N1 the deadly bird flu strain. Here is the issue, most people will not catch this flu because it comes from direct contact with birds, but should the flu develop into the ability to move from human to human which is very possible if not even likely, then it will kill millions of people around the world. Birds are migrating back to Europe, the deadly strain has already moved from Asia to Europe, guess what? It is on its way to our shores!

Why does this matter to us? The reality is if this plays out as many, not a few, but many scientists believe, millions will die in our country. This flu is giving people a feeling of fear and total helplessness as they try to figure out what to do. Here is the great opportunity for believers! This is our time to speak to the reality of eternity, of death being gain, even if it is by the bird flu. When you look at the history of plagues you see it is the believers who would be caring for the sick. The pastors who kept visiting the deathbeds of people in spite of the risk and inevitable result being the loss of their own lives.

So it might be time for us to get ready if we are not. To search our hearts and see that we are in right standing with God. To ask ourselves if we are ready to face a plague like the heroic brothers and sisters of the past. I guess it comes down to really only one question that will answer it all for us, do we really believe death is gain? And are we ready to live that out, should this plague hit our shores?

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pastor tom