Thursday, October 20, 2005


From the Associated Press today:DES MOINES, Iowa: A ticket sold in Oregon matched all six numbers drawn in Wednesday's Powerball (search) game to win the $340 million jackpot.

Well there you have it, another one has struck fool's gold. Another person has been prostituted in the name of gaming and education and help for states. Those are all the reasons given for the benefit of state lotteries, although those benefits do not prove out to be as good as advertised. But even if they were, the lottery is fools gold. Meaning that only a fool would look for gold there. Statistics show that over 80-percent of all lottery tickets are bought by only 20-percent of purchasers, as described by an MSN report, they are disproportionately "low-income, minority men who have less than a college education." The lottery is preying on the low income families. People who cannot afford that ticket. I wonder how many children go without because of mom and dad's passion to be rich through the lottery?

But the greatest tragedy in my thinking is that believers are sucked into this sleight of hand trick by the states. That people who name Jesus Christ as their Savior are actually spending money that could go to the work of the kingdom, betraying every Scripture and Biblical principal there is concerning money. God's Word tells us that hard work is how we earn, that if we will not work we should not eat. That there is value in work. God's Word tell us to give the first of our best, not waste our money trying to be rich, by the way which the book of Proverbs calls a fool. What are children learning from their parents as they watch them buy those tickets? They are learning the greatest thing that could ever happen in your life would be for you to be rich, so live with passion for money.I pray that God keeps us from chasing money. That He is our passion, joy and contentment and not being rich. I know the problem well, as before Christ I attended gamblers Anonymous, which did not help, but Jesus freed me from chasing money, and from the love of it.

So someone has one the big lottery, I pray it is not a professing believer, I pray that the winner will not thank God and talk about how "Christian" they are going to be in their giving. I am sure they will be unaware when the cameras are rolling that they are being prostituted by the lottery commission to entice more people to play the game, which truly is fools gold!

blog you later,
pastor tom