Monday, October 17, 2005


This might sound crazy but I see a direct correlation between the vote in Iraq over the weekend and the gay movement in our country. In Iraq what the voting of the people will do is marginalize the Sunni's, a minority of the population that ruled the country under Saddam Hussein. Under Hussein's reign this minority was the majority. An amazing example of how the few can control the many if they can generate enough propaganda and fear. The Iraqi people could have overthrown Hussein themselves if they had the will to do it. Well now the votes are being counted and for sure the people will speak at the ballot box in Iraq, an amazing event, by the way, and the minority the Sunnis will be just that, the minority.

Jump across the ocean and consider our own country. In our country we have this smallest of minority populations, the gay movement, dictating to the masses. They are influencing our public schools, they are influencing our judges, and they own the media. How different are we the majority from the majority of Iraqis all those years? I am afraid not much. We like them can overthrow the minority if we just would have the will to do it. If the majority would speak and act the minority would be just that, the minority. But I am afraid we are afraid. We are afraid to speak out because the minority has us cornered with labels, like "homophobic". We are afraid to speak out because the media has us fooled into believing it is not that unusual and in fact acceptable.

We are a lot like those who sat under the reign of Hussein. They had the numbers, overwhelmingly so, but they did not have the will. We have the numbers overwhelmingly so, but do we have the will? Do we have the will to speak the truth, act on the truth, and live the truth? Do we have the will to sign a petition, go to the ballot box, vote out legislators and judges who condone this behavior? Like anything else that has ever had historic consequences it comes down to , do we have the will?

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pastor tom