Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Don't you love how God uses all of His creation to not only glorify Himself, but to also bless and comfort others? I have been in some serious physical pain the past few days, sleeping only a few hours a night, total sum of sporadic sleep. At the radio show yesterday I had the privilege of interviewing a cancer survivor, Kevin Linigan. It was truly a fascinating and inspiring time. He mentioned the sermon series that Dr. Jeremiah preached called "The Road that Bends", or something like that. During one of the breaks one of workers, Melissa brought in the poem that someone had wrote of the same name. As I looked at it the Lord spoke to me in the last few verses, particularly this line "relax, refresh, gain your strength back, this is just a bend in the road."

Now I am not dying of anything that I know of, but this has been some of the roughest few days physically I have had in a long time. I have not been questioning God or wondering why me, I just have been enduring the days, trying to do what I can until it passes. But God in His infinite mercy, decided to give me some comfort yesterday from a poem that one of His Children had wrote about a sermon series that another one of His children had preached. How awesome is that?

I am reminded of a couple of things because of this. First of all never discount how it is that God might use the gifts He has given you for His glory. He might be using them in ways you never could imagine. This woman who wrote the poem will probably never on this side of eternity know how God used her gift yesterday. We need to just be faithful to use the gifts He has given us and not worry about the outcome or results. God will do things with you that you might never know until you get home. Secondly, I am reminded again how caring God is for His children. I do not deserve anything from God. He has no obligation to care for me and look after me at all , let alone in the specific way He did yesterday, but He did anyway, because I am His. Isn't it great to know that your heavenly Father cares for you? That no matter what you are going through He cares and will care for you.

I don't know what it is that you are facing today, or will face in the days to come. But remember this in your time of affliction and trial, whatever it may be, relax, refresh and renew your strength, it is just another bend in the road that leads to home!

blog you later,
pastor tom