Monday, October 24, 2005


Mondays! I was taught at Seminary to not do too much on Monday, particularly with people, as it is a day where pastors are at a physical chemical low. The whole week points to Sunday and then it comes and goes and so does much of the energy. For the most part it has shown to be true in my life that Monday can be a rough day. But how about you? What does Monday bring to you? How are you getting up on Mondays? Is there a bounce in your step with a great anticipation of another week with the Lord? Or is it a dreaded day that begins another long week of the same old same old?

I have to be honest, that at this point in my life there is rarely a day where I am not in physical pain. There is rarely a day where I feel great physically, but I feel better these days than I ever have. I even am at the point of Monday's not being all that bad anymore. How? What has changed? Well physically nothing for the better,but I believe it is a Spiritual change. As the days go by I sense home more. I cannot explain all of this, but in my time in God's Word I see home. In my prayer time I feel home. God has given me an incredible gift of knowing I really am just passing through, and this world is really not my home, and even if it is another forty years, it really is not that long before I am home. Therefore I look forward to the days on this earth, even Monday's. I look forward to seeing what it is God has for me today, who He will bring in my path,and how He will work through me.

When you sense home, when you feel home, you have the right perspective. For this Monday to be great today, you need to understand as His child you are here for the exact time He has determined, no longer , no less, and you are here for His purpose, which is His glory. And soon and very soon you too will be going home to be with your King! So live today with passion for Him, and have a great Monday!

blog you later,
pastor tom