Wednesday, October 05, 2005


The past few days the headline have been that Harriet Miers, the current nominee to the Supreme Court, is a pro-gay individual. I will not name all the places that I have seen the same headline, as it would take too much of my time and bore you to death. Suffice it to say I saw that same headline in over 10 places. If I was just a headline reader the conclusion I would have come was that she was a liberal horrendous nominee who will push gay rights and set conservative family values back to the dark ages.

Fortunately I am not just a headline reader. I have been around long enough to have become skeptical of any headline I read, good or bad. So what I did was get ahold of the late 1980's form that Miss Miers filled out when she was running for local office in Dallas. This form was one that the Lesbian and Gay movement gave to ALL candidates to fill out. In question one they are asked if they agree that homosexual and lesbian deserve the civil rights that heterosexuals have, and she answered yes, as would have you and I. Think about it, it does not say civil unions, it says civil rights! We all agree that all should have civil rights. The next question that had everyone jumping off the ship was the one about supporting AIDS education and patient support, and again she answered the way we would, that she is for education for AIDS and treating patients who are afflicted with it. We do not neglect medical care because we disagree with how someone acquired it, if we did forget treating smokers, drinkers and those who have sex before marriage! Miss Miers answered those questions thoughtfully and correctly. In fact at the end of the form there were two places to check off, one if you wanted the endorsement of the gay organization and one if you did not, and she checked off the one that said she DID NOT want their endorsement.

You can not do a worse job reporting than what has been done this week. It took me literally less than 5 minutes to track down her church speak to someone there who told me that Miss Miers was a born again Christian who loved the Lord and taught Sunday School and worked on Missions and would do anything to serve in her church. The moral of this story is you cannot be just a headline reader, if you are your opinions will very likely be ill informed and you will be shown to be in error more often than not.

The principle to follow whether you are reading a book of an article or hear it on the news, is if you are really interested check the primary source. Find out the source quoted and hunt it down for yourself. It is not all that hard and will be interesting for you to do. It is incumbent on God's people to be informed and not shoot off our mouths with only headline knowledge. Get beyond the headline, go deeper than there quote read, and hear everything skeptically , except the Word of God, which you can embrace whole heartedly right away. So I encourage you today to get beyond the headline, become more than a headline reader!

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blog you later,
pastor tom