Thursday, October 06, 2005


In 1994 Oregon voted on the Death With Dignity Act. It passed with 51 percent of the vote. It sounds nice doesn't it, death with dignity. It almost has a noble ring to it, I mean who would not want death with dignity? It is amazing what a title can do to dress something up. Death with dignity is a nice way of dressing up what is really murder. What this law allows doctors to do, is murder people. Yes it would normally be with the consent of the patient, but that is not always the case, Terry Schiavo ring a bell, and does that make it right?

If a patient want to be overdosed does that make it right? We are not talking about making a patient comfortable, we all want people to be as comfortable as possible as they suffer in their sickness and disease. None of us want a terminal cancer patient to suffer needlessly as they live out their last days on this earth. The desire for comfort should not be confused with killing the patient, which is what the Oregon law allows, and over 200 people have been murdered under the protection of this law.

Why this matters is that the Supreme Court with new Chief Justice Roberts, is taking up a challenge to this Oregon law from the United States. This is the first case the Supreme Court is looking at this new session and it will tell us much about the new Chief Justice. But more is at stake here than a look at where the new guy is going to land on this issue. This is a discussion of the sanctity of life. This is a further push towards a culture of death, should the court decide for Oregon. This is euthanasia, if a person does not want to live kill them, if someone cannot have the quality of life or be as productive as they believe or someone else believes they should be, then kill them. Does the name Adolf Hitler ring a bell?

Understand that the culture of death is growing and we are moving closer and closer to a society that kills those who do not fit the definition of quality of life. By the way, the older you get, that could mean you! So it is important to tune in to the Supreme Court Hearings and keep an eye on where this decision lands, as it truly is a matter of life and death!

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