Friday, October 21, 2005


What an incredibly horrific week for news, a woman who said she was hearing voices threw her three children ages 6,3, and 1 off of a bridge in San Franciso. In another horrific story from the Associated Press today we read:

MARTINEZ, Calif. " The teenager arrested in the slaying of a prominent defense attorney's wife once drew a pentagram on the ground at school and told other students he was reading from the book of Satan, according to former classmates."

The murderer of this woman turns out to be a 16 year old who said he was a follower of Satan and reportedly had been known to draw pentagrams. It is reported that the woman he brutally killed had a drawing cut into her back, reported as some gothic symbol. This should serve to remind us that we do have a battle we are in. That it is against principalities and rulers in dark places as Paul tells us in Ephesians 6. There are people right in our own country maybe even our town or city that passionately follow Satan, and will kill and rape and pillage in his name.

It is also another type of reminder, and that is that we win. We are a victorious people who need not fear anyone except God and that includes Satan. As the Word of God says we believers in Christ do have a greater Spirit in us than the one in the world. We who believe were once dead in our sins but He has saved us from all of them. So on the one hand these reports are shocking and sobering reminders that we do have an active very real enemy. On the other we are brought back to Calvary and reminded we are forgiven and forever His victorious children who need not fear, but can cry Abba Father!

As we move through this dark time of October where death and destruction are celebrated and things like these reports do seem, legitimate or perceived, to pick up at this time of year, let us be aware of our victory in Him. But let us, His ambassadors take these occasions to be more diligent in our witness to the world. May these shocking stories remind us of the dead and dying world we live in and move us to be a light and a lifeline to that very same world! Onward Victorious Christians Soldiers!

blog you later,
pastor tom