Tuesday, October 25, 2005


It was a day like any other day in Montgomery Alabama, it was the first day of December. Nothing going on very special just business as usual. A woman needed to use public transportation to get to where she needed to go, so she headed towards the bus. There was nothing remarkable about her, she was just an average forty two year old who needed to use the bus. The bus pulls up, she pays the fare and gets on like any other passenger on any other day. The bus is not particularly crowded so she grabs a seat towards the front of the bus as any other passenger would do.

The problem is, she was just not any other passenger, she was black and it was 1955 and she was sitting in the front of the bus, where only whites could sit. It was not as if she did not know this, she had been on the bus many times and taken her "right" place in the back. But on this day Rosa Parks had enough and was tired of being treated as a second class citizen so she sat down and refused to get up. The bus driver came over and told her to go to the back of the bus and she refused. When he told her he would have her arrested she told him ever so politely, "you may do that".

It was just another day for the young Baptist minister. He was going about his business of doing what it is that pastors do. Doing his best to serve God in the small Baptist church God has called him to. This young minister heard about the arrest of Rosa Parks and he organized a boycott of the bus system that lasted 381 days. Martin Luther King Jr. could not in good conscience sit by anymore and allow these injustices. He had to stand up for what he believed was right and honoring to his God!

This average 42 year old black woman and this young Baptist minister went on to become world famous for their fight in the civil rights movement. Rosa Parks is an icon of the civil rights movement. She never expected great things to happen, she says herself that is was an ordinary day and the only thing that made it different was that masses of people joined in. Martin Luther King Jr. was an average young pastor trying to follow the call on his life by God in his little church. Nothing special about either of them, but today the world has been impacted by both. Why? Because on an ordinary day they decided to stand up for what was right. They decided independently of each other to live what is that they believed was right, and the world was changed!

We can learn much from both of these courageous people. But more importantly we can learn about our God from them. Our God is a God who uses ordinary people to do great things for Him. If ordinary average people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. can live what they believe regardless of consequence, how can we not do the same? How can we who know the Lord Jesus not live our faith out in the public square as well as in our homes and churches. We live in times where the issues are just as critical, gay marriage, homosexual agenda in our public schools, abortion, you name it, there are plenty of places for us to say, " here is where I am sitting and I am not getting up".

Rosa Parks left this earth yesterday, I praise God for her and Martin Luther King Jr. I pray to have one tenth of their courage. I am thankful to God on that day that she sat where she did, and did not get up!

blog you later,
pastor tom