Thursday, October 13, 2005


Well the news is in and we can all rest easy, Mardi Gras will go on in February in New Orleans as scheduled. This is being reported today in various news forms, and it is seen as a victory for New Orleans. Have you ever been to or seen a Mardi Gras celebration? It is the height of depravity. The streets are lined with people who are in various stages of intoxication. The police cannot keep up with all of the drunken criminal activity, and let us not forget the way that women can attain beads. For those that do not know, for a woman to get beads thrown to her she must life up her shirt and show her bare breast to the ones holding the beads. Which tells you a lot about women you might see on television during that time who have a bunch of beads around their neck.

Total Depravity, that is what this is a picture of. The fact that Mardi Gras is seen as a marker of health and victory for a city at a time like this, tells you how truly depraved man is. I know some would say the issue for the city is economic and that Mardi Gras is about bringing money into the local economy, and at some level it is. But the picture remains of decadence and people reveling, uninhibited in sin. For this to be the marker of a city reminds me of, well lets see......that's right Sodom and Gomorrah! Those places were known for their sin, known for their depravity, and we know what happened to them.

So, yes, Mardi Gras will probably go on, and sadly, the media and the world will celebrate it as a victory. For believers it should remind us that our depravity is total, and we too were once dead in our transgressions and sins, and but for God's grace to us in Jesus Christ, we too would be running to New Orleans looking to dive into the swamp of sin known as the Mardi Gras!

blog you later,
pastor tom