Tuesday, October 11, 2005


It happens all the time, every day as a matter of fact. You probably do not think about it much, if at all, but is always going on. What, you ask, am I talking about? The persecution of the church! It happens all the time, people suffering horrific things because of their faith in Jesus Christ. World Net daily reports:

"The North African country Eritrea has detained more than 200 Christians in an operation said to be the worst of its kind.
Eritrean security forces captured evangelicals and members of minority churches from the streets, their workplaces and homes Oct. 3, reported the British group Release Eritrea."

People taken from their homes from their jobs, maybe never to be seen again, because of their faith. One source said, "Please remember that in many homes children and women are suffering and have also becomes victims of persecution. There will be no salary coming into many homes and their lives are in danger. Please pray for us"

We read this in our comfortable living rooms, or easy chairs, or at our nice computer desks in our nice homes and we do not relate. We do not understand what these people are going through. Not many of us know the pain of having loved ones taken from us because they believe in Jesus. I do not mean to be critical of us, as I know God in His sovereignty has placed us where He has us for His reasons. It is only His will that we were born where we were and live in a land of privilege and plenty.

The question we do need to ask, is why? Why has God put you and I here and not in Haiti or Nigeria or the Sudan or in China. Why did He not place us in Muslim families where to follow Christ would literally cost us everything? We do not know all the answers but we do know enough about God to know He put us where we are for His glory. Which then brings the next question , which is, how do you and I live in this land of plenty so that He gets the glory. He put us here with an abundance of comfort ease and money. Yes, believe it or not according to the world statistics you and I are rich.

God has some of our brothers and sisters, truth be told many of them suffering and losing all for Him, around the world. Then He has you and I here in ease comfort and with abundance. The question we all need to consider is , God what is my responsibility as your son or your daughter? I cannot tell you what that is, to be honest I am trying to work through that with my life, and see what changes He wants from me. But this I do know and can share with you, to whom much is given, much is required!

blog you later,
pastor tom