Tuesday, October 18, 2005


It cannot get any worse than this. The media cannot go any lower or be more ridiculous, although that will probably be disproved before I finish this blog. Yesterday it was reported as news , it was reported as news! What you ask? Karl Rove, President Bush's right hand man, his GARAGE was reported as news! I kid you not, there was an AP report on the contents of the garage of Karl Rove. Now for those that do not know, he has testified for the fourth time in front of a grand jury that is investigating the leak of a CIA source. Thus far he has not been said to be a suspect in anything. Regardless of that, it is incredible that the media would portray the contents of his garage as news.

This is more evidence of a bias, out to get any conservative they can, media. I say this all the time but I say it again to you today, you cannot believe the media on anything. Your first instinct with the media should be suspicion. Are they telling you the truth? Most probable answer being no. They are out to push their agenda and get you on board with their worldview. A great example of this was one of the times I was in Haiti and I had the chance to speak with Haitians as well as the man who was in charge of evacuating all of the Americans out of the country should that be needed. This was shortly after President Clinton had removed their leader and put in a new one. Our news reported it as some great thing the President did for Haiti. The people in Haiti and this other man told me something every different. They said they loved the man we removed, he was in their words, "a friendly dictator", which was all they wanted.

The media gave you a totally different story, designed to get you on board. So be careful as you read your newspapers and for goodness sake keep your garage doors shut!
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pastor tom