Thursday, October 27, 2005


Today Harriet Miers has withdrawn her name as a nominee for the Supreme Court, signaling a defeat for President George Bush. She was his pick and it was made clear from both sides of the political aisle that she was not a popular pick. With the President's poll numbers very low, he did not have the political capital to get this one through. Ms. Miers recognized that and pulled out of the process. In withdrawing we are losing a potential believer in that position.

I personally spoke with someone from her church when she was first nominated. This person indicated that Ms. Miers was a born again Christian, and would hold to Biblical values on the bench. We will never know how she would have voted on Roe v. Wade, but we can certainly assume if her values were Biblical then she would have been on the side of life. She would have been on the side of the unborn, the elderly and the infirmed. She would have been a champion for life for those who needed it most. We never will know. She is gone as a nominee, but still in her capacity as the Presidents lawyer.

The issue now is what is next? This nominee is the most important pick in decades. It is one that will determine the court and more importantly determine the culture of our country for decades to come. Your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be affected by this pick. We need the President to pick a strict constructionist, someone who interprets and does not legislate from the bench. We need a champion of family values. We need a true conservative!

So pray for our President as he works through the public humiliation of his pick resigning and has to come up with a new nominee. Pray for him that he picks not out of anger, not out of spite and bitterness, but with the wisdom of God. This is the reason we vote, so that our values would be reflected in and from the highest and final court in the land.
But in the end, you and I know there is a higher and more final court over the land, and isn't it good to know that the Almighty Judge, is also your Savior and God?

blog you later,
pastor tom