Friday, October 28, 2005


Today we see that the special prosecutor has indicted Vice President Cheney's chief of staff Scooter Libby. I watch this and it seems like deja vu all over again. From what I can tell, Mr. Libby lied about what he knew and said. It does not seem like he had anything to do with any criminal activity, but what he allegedly did was lie to the government officials who questioned him. It is deja vu because it brings me back to Watergate. Where our President who had no exposure on the break in by lower level operatives, made the crucial mistake of lying about what he knew and when he knew it.

It is our sin nature that we are seeing on display. The natural unfortunate instinct in all of us to cover up and lie, when telling the truth would actually eliminate the problem. Scooter Libby if we was truthful, likely does not get indicted today. The Word of God tells us that our sins will find us out, that there is no hiding them, or keeping them secret. Yet many believers continue to live a lie and tell lie after lie, believing somehow that they can keep it a secret.

God is where the truth is, and God always knows the truth. Aren't we a funny people? We live as if God does not know, yet we know He knows all! So as we watch another leading government official receive an indictment, let us be mindful to consider our own lives. Is there sin in your life that you are trying to keep secret? Is there sin in your life that you lie about day after day? Understand the special prosecutor Jesus Christ not only knows, but He is coming with an indictment. But unlike any other indictment on this earth this one pronounces you guilty until proven innocent. And unlike any other indictment on this earth the special prosecutor dies to declare you innocent. So go ahead and be honest today with Him, and with those around you!

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pastor tom