Monday, November 28, 2005


This is the week where we head full steam into the "Holiday Season", formerly known as the "Christmas Season". Where men and women, boys and girls will walk around and greet one another with a fine, "Happy Holidays" , or "Have a Nice Holiday". There will be little if any mention of Christmas in their jargon. Because the word Christmas has gone the way of many other fine words and traditions, to the graveyard of the politically correct.

You will see over the next few weeks until the Christmas season is over, fights over manger scenes, debates on where and if lights could be put up, and do we allow kids to say Merry Christmas in school. You see unlike Christmas which is a seasonal event , the season of political correctness lasts year round. There are no breaks in the calendar of political correctness. Unfortunately people all over out great nation operate under the fear of being called out by the politically correct police. Too many worship at the altar of the god of tolerance and politically correctness.

But you can change all of that, you can make the bold move of saying Merry Christmas this year. When someone tells you to have a nice holiday, you can counter with the shocking, "have a great Christmas"! Go ahead and be courageous this year, stand out from among the crowd, live with the courage of martyrs of old! How absurd is it that it would even seem like it takes anything special to say Merry Christmas, or that it could even be seen as offensive.

blog you later,
pastor tom
ps. By the way have a great CHRISTMAS season!