Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Legend has it that Nero fiddled as Rome burned. I wonder if the leader of France Mr. Chirac is in the market for a fiddle? If you have not noticed France is on fire and it is spreading to other countries in Europe. Last night was night number twelve of rioting and burning, an unprecedented series of events in the modern era for France. My fleshly political instinct is to take some joy in seeing one of the covert, arrogant, condescending, enemies of our country, France, having problems. I know I should not think that way, just being honest, I will fight it, I think!

Seriously, the events in France are instructive to us on a few levels. First it is typical of how empires fall. If you look at history, this is how it happens. People within the empire who are there but not truly belonging, these are the ones that rise up and overthrow over a period of time. The people doing the rioting and burning are citizens of France, but they do not belong. They are Muslims from Africa and the Middle East. They have come to France and settled there, but they are not true Francs. When they heard Mr. Chriac's opponent in the upcoming election declare he would declare war on the youth who caused trouble, they rose to arms.

We can learn from this as this will at some point be our plight as well. Statistics tell us that by 2050 we will be over 50% Hispanic with the majority of them coming from Mexico. At first glance that might seem fine, but it will most likely be a problem. Many from Mexico believe they still have right to our Southwestern states. They believe that is theirs. It is not hard to imagine in the not too distant future a France like scene on our shores, led by those who are citizens of our great country but do not feel they belong.

Finally the events in France have given the media another opportunity to display their blatant political correctness. Have any of you heard much at all about the ones causing the problems being Muslims? I have not. But the truth is that it is the Muslim community in France that is creating the discontent, just like it is the Muslim community around the world doing the same thing. Clerics get up in their pulpits on Fridays and preach hate and the overthrow of the great Satan, defined by them as Christians, Jews, and anything American. You don't hear anything about this, because it is not politically correct to say the "I " word. You can not use the "N" word, unless you are black and now you cannot use the "I" word. What is the "I" word? Islam. No one has the courage to come out and say the problem in France, the problem around the world is Islam.

Well Mr. Chirac, with his large Muslim population is most often against our country. I wonder how he likes them now? I wonder what he thinks of Islam now? Knowing him, he will probably at some point come out and blame the United States for these problems. But for now I am guessing maybe he is one eBay bidding on fiddles!

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pastor tom