Monday, November 14, 2005


Alright, I did it again. It does not help me at all. It just causes me aggravation, yet I keep going back and doing it again. That's right, I watched another Joel Osteen show! I would say service or sermon, but I can't because it truly is a show. Last night I spent about an hour and a half watching the opening show at Lakewood Church in Houston Texas. It is the church that Joel Osteen is the pastor of and they have recently purchased the Compaq Center in Houston and have their church services there.

As I watched last night I was amazed at how many people were in attendance, over 15,000. There were more people in the choir than in our church. The music was very professional and pleasant to listen to. The video presentations were well done by any standard. The dignitaries that spoke were courteous and some like the Governor of Texas seemed to be overtly Christian. It was a thought out, smooth flowing event that went off without a hitch. About an hour into the show Osteen mentioned that many around the world would be joining them by television and satellite, and he instructed the audience to welcome the guests when they saw the crowd on the screen, which they enthusiastically did. As well as everything was done there was something missing, or better put someone missing, God! Sure, they referenced Him from time to time and even said it was all for His glory and even occasionally mentioned the power of Christ to transform lives. But all in all it was a man centered show designed to whip people up about Lakewood church and Joel Osteen in particular.

As Joel Osteen got up to speak he said he was going to give a sermon, and like all of his sermons it was nothing more than a motivational speech to encourage the people to become all that God has designed them to be. No exposition of God's Word, just fluff and the ticking of ears mixed in with a large dose of heresy. At the end of his speech Osteen said he was going to pray a blessing over the people in the audience and all of those watching. And he said that he would speak it and it would be so. That if he spoke the blessing then the blessing would be true. The last time I looked God was the only one that could speak and it was so. But Osteen went ahead and did that and his thousands of fans went along with him. Fans truly are what he has. Every time they showed his face on the screen the people went wild as if he was a rock star, and in fact that it what he is to them, a rock star.

Osteens mother got up to give a testimony of her husband and the taking of the reigns by her son. She made this telling statement, "Joel has never been to Seminary and praise God that he has not". Well Mrs. Osteen I would beg to differ with you. If your son had gone to a good seminary he might have learned that there is more in God's Word than positive thinking. If had gone to a good Seminary he would not be afraid to speak of God's judgment and wrath. If he had gone to a good Seminary he would not have denied the Gospel on Larry King. If he had gone to a good Seminary he might better understand that his teaching on speaking and it happening is extremely heretical. I would not be so quick to praise God for your sons lack of training.

I know, I know, I get like this every time I watch these guys. My wife Cheryl says , "why do you do this to yourself?". Truth be told, I feel it is incumbent upon those who care for God's people to be aware of the false prophets, and wolves who might be lurking around the sheep pen. So why do it do it? For you!

blog you later,
pastor tom