Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Well, here we go again. Guess who is trying to distribute literature in the government schools now? PETA, that's right, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or People who Eat Tasty Animals, that's my version which I like better. PETA is attempting to have a cartoon like booklet distributed in schools entitled, "Your Daddy Kills Animals". I kid you not , you can go their website PETA.org and find this booklet under the heading of, get this, "fishing hurts"! These wackos are now attempting to teach children that fishing is some sort of evil event where fish are tortured. Here is a quote from their website:

"Children will read: Imagine that a man dangles a piece of candy in front of you. ... As you grab the candy, a huge metal hook stabs through your hand and your ripped off the ground. You fight to get away, but it doesn't do any good...
That would be an awful trick to play on someone, wouldn't it?"

They are likening fishing to the abuse of children, making some unbelievable statements in their analogy. First they elevate fish to the level of humans, or taken another way they denigrate man to the level of fish. They also demonize dads, as seen in the cover of this ridiculous booklet. Fishing, a great family bonding time for centuries, particularly between dads and their kids, has now been portrayed as some type of evil act on society. And the danger is that they want to distribute these leaflets in the government schools, poisoning the minds of children against their fathers.

This would be humorous if is was not so dangerous. You need to know if this is happening in the government school your children attend. The attack continues on the children of our society. Not only do they want your children to be sexually active and perverted, but now they are trying to demonize fathers in the minds of their children. Once again, I thought you would like to know!

blog you later,
pastor tom