Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mr. Heterosexual 2006

A few months ago on the radio show I mentioned a contest held in San Diego, Mr Gay 2006. It was a celebration of the gay lifestyle and the gay movement. Since then we have heard about a gay cruise line. The gay movement has no problem celebrating their lifestyle and the media celebrates along with them. The public does not say much as they are being trained in the fine art of political correctness. Well I for one believe it is time to celebrate something else, the creation of God. Where is there anyone standing up and proclaiming the joy of heterosexuality, the way God made us?

This has inspired me to hold a Mr. Heterosexual contest Feb 4th at the Sturbridge Host. It will be a fun event where we will have contestants who compete in front of an audience for the title of Mr. Heterosexual Massachusetts 2006. At each event I will be having someone who was gay who has been transformed by the love of Christ share their testimony. I write this to you today to ask for a couple of things.

1. Your prayers as I am fully aware of the heat this might generate.
2. Some ideas for events, we have some good ideas already, ie.. strength test, how many Oprah magazines you could tear. Comment here if you have any ideas.

This idea is already gathering momentum, as I am in the process of scheduling an event for Albany N.Y.

The goal is to bring the celebration of God' design to the forefront. To hopefully give Christians some courage, to see unbelievers come to Christ and to glorify God.
And finally isn't it time that heterosexuals were shown some tolerance?

blog you later pastor tom