Thursday, November 03, 2005


There is some consternation and confusion on the current nominee to the Supreme Court, Samuel Alito. It seems that what appeared at first to be a staunch conservative who would be actively pro-life, might not be exactly that. There are some questionable rulings in this area that he seems to have decided with the pro-choice crowd. It is still early and still unclear whether it was just good law or ideology that drove those decisions. In listening to all the pundits and thinking about the issue that is the driving one in all the discussions, abortion, I have some thoughts.

First, if and when Roe gets overturned, it does not make abortion illegal in this country. All it does is allow the states to vote on whether or not they would allow abortions. I think many people do not understand that and believe that overturning Roe is the be all end all to the issue. It is not even close to that. I am a fan of seeing it overturned, but I do not in any way believe that abortions will stop when it is. The answer to the abortion issue is not the overturn of Roe, though I am for that. The answer to the abortion issue is not legislation, though I am in favor of that.

The answer to the abortion issue is for believers to get out there and help women to make the right choice. To do as believers have done throughout the history of the church, and be a part of the solutions for those women who feel like their lives have ended with pregnancy. In early Rome it was the believers who rescued the babies from the garbage heaps! Of course we need to work through government and seek legislation and desire justices who will be faithful to the constitution, but let us never deceive ourselves into believing that is the final solution. Let us remember always that we have a command from our Lord to be in the world effecting it for the Glory of God! Many of us will never hold office or be judges in position to change and effect laws. But most of us can speak to a woman about the love of Christ and the beauty of life. Most of us can find an adoption agency for someone to talk to. Most of us can offer rides, clothing and a place to be safe.

Judge Alito might or might not be pro-life. Honestly, that really does not matter very much. What really matters is what you and I, the body of Christ are doing to effect change in our local neighborhoods and communities, for His Glory!

blog you later,
pastor tom