Friday, November 04, 2005


These certainly are interesting times! Two days ago the ninth circuit of appeals in California ruled in essence that parents do not have a right to know what is taught their children in schools. More specifically and dangerous is that the court ruled that parents do not have an exclusive right to be the teachers of their children when it comes to sex and sexuality. If a child is in a government (public) school then the school has as much right to teach children about sex as the parent. This all comes from a lawsuit brought by some parents who were upset that their elementary age children were asked questions about sex and sexuality in class. They had to take a survey and answer very explicit and certainly improper questions. The parents went to court and the court sided with the school!

This is why it matters who is President and who is appointing judges. But more importantly this is a clear message to any parent who has a child in public school, your child is not your own! You put that child in the government system and the government feels entitled to teach your child whatever it wants about sex and sexuality and the courts will and are backing them up. By the way, what they are teaching them is that sex can be safe, so go ahead. Pregnancy is an inconvenience that can be taken care of, and homosexuality is a noble and just way to live, as well as an incredibly noble cause to fight for. I recently had a 9th grace student who attends public school tell me that one of the teachers tells the class that "gay is a homophobic term". I have never been one to say a parent should or should not put their children in any particular schooling, be it public, private or home. But I must say that I would find it hard to find a good reason to submit any child to a government school in which they will be actively brain-washed, without any recourse available for the parent.

As parents we all know that at some point we need to have "the talk" with our children. The problem today is that if your child is in the government school system, they have been given "the talk" long before you get to them. And "the talk" the government school system give is much different than the one you as a loving parent will give. Think about that as you send your children off to the government school!

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pastor tom