Wednesday, November 02, 2005


This week on the radio show I have been dealing primarily with the issue of the Gospel and the Roman Catholic Church. It happens from time to time, usually when I have commented on another Priest being caught in some sexual crime, or another pay out by the Catholic Church to abuse victims. The followers of the RCC will inevitably call and want to know why I am picking on Catholics, or why I hate the Church, neither of which is true. It is instructive to hear these people and their kool-aid like adherence to what they believe is their Salvation, the Church. If you step back and think for a minute you will be astonished to put it in perspective.

If you put aside for a moment the truth that the RCC teaches a different and false Gospel that should be accursed according to Galatians 1:8. Put aside that their Catechism states clearly that Baptism is necessary for salvation, that the Eucharist is necessary for salvation, and that Penance is necessary for salvation. Lay that all aside for a moment and simply consider the depth and width of the sexual perversion among the leadership, including the Pope, Bishops and Priests! You cannot go a week or two without reading of some Priest or Bishop somewhere who has been caught or has admitted or is settling financially due to the rape of kids, primarily boys. This epidemic is not ancient history, it is still going on and Rome does nothing about it! In fact they have their own investigations and at times have promoted pedophiles and enablers of pedophiles, Cardinal Law ring a bell to anyone?

How any right thinking person could allow their family to be under the authority of such people is beyond belief! The RCC is one of the largest criminal organizations in the world that preys upon children. It is documented that they have passed kids around, they have moved pedophiles from one parish to another, knowingly!!! Now the comment comes back, "they are all not like that". And that is true, but they all know about it and who is doing anything to change it? Answer, no one!

What this shows us is the truth of God's Word that the heart of man is hard and wicked. And no one can truly come to the Father unless and until the Spirit brings him. Apart from God giving someone the gift of Faith in His Son, people will continue to follow blindly down the road to destruction. I would encourage all who read this, think of one Catholic friend or relative you know and lift them up in prayer today, that God would open their eyes to the truth of His Word, the truth about the Roman Catholic Church, and most importantly grant them faith in Christ!

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pastor tom