Monday, November 07, 2005


In another testament to the debauchery of our society, a new movie is being hailed by the critics as a serious Oscar contender. The movie is called Brokeback Mountain. It is a story of two gay cowboys. It features nude scenes as well as gay sex scenes. It will be the liberal Hollywood left's opportunity to snub all that is good and decent, which most of them are very happy to do.

In thinking about this move a few thoughts occur to me. First, I wonder how the state of Wyoming feels about their cowboys being portrayed this way. The cowboy is a culture unto itself, and the state is closely identified with the culture. Second, I wonder how the cowboys themselves will feel about this movie. It is hard for me to imagine there being many gay cowboys roaming around Wyoming. I have to believe the cowboy in Wyoming and everywhere else will feel like the gay movement has hijacked their lifestyle and profession.

But the most interesting thing for me will be to watch the results of this movie. Will this be a leap forward for the gay movement? Will it be a great advance for the normalization of homosexuality. Or might this be going too far? Might it be that this movie is where people finally say, enough? Could this be the thing that causes those who at times are sympathetic or at least apathetic to the gay movement, to be pushed too far? It will be interesting to watch. For us as believers it gives us more indication of the depravity of society and more evidence of God turning people over to the darkness of their hearts. Which He might be doing to our nation as a whole.

A gay cowboy movie! Where is John Wayne when you need him?

blog you later,
pastor tom