Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Read this from World Net Daily:

"Berkeley High School in the Bay Area university town has a registered Condom Club that offers students 12 free condoms week.
An ad for the club in the Student Daily Bulletin read: "Having sex? Thinking about having sex? Come to CONDOM CLUB at lunch in A205. One meeting will get you a sticker on your ID that gives you 12 free condoms each week from the BHS Health Center."

Reports tells us that invitations to the Condom Club are played regularly over the loudspeakers. The school health center is on board with this and giving out twelve condom a week to kids. Message being, you can have sex up to twelve times a week and be ok. Wouldn't it seem that the health center would feel responsible to share with these young people the truth that condoms are not fool proof? That Sexually Transmitted Diseases happen even when using condoms as well as pregnancy? You would think so, but you do not get that at government school health centers.

One of the greatest terrorist attacks in our country is on our young people. The enemy lurks in the classrooms and offices of the government schools. One dad who was upset over the condom club reported that he had spoken to his son, who informed his father that he had learned how to put on a condom in the sixth grade in his government school!

What is the answer? Parents who are in the words of that old movie, "Network," are "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore." Anything less than that type of passion will only have us ceding more ground to the terrorists who seek to destroy the moral fiber of our young people. We need people who will speak the truth of their convictions. Speak the truth of what is right and wrong. Your kids are having sex! If they are not they are being told and taught they should be, and there is no risk or consequence. All they need to do is join the condom club!

Condom clubs, gay clubs, where does it stop, murder clubs?

blog you later,
pastor tom