Wednesday, November 16, 2005


No one knows the pressure and reality of someone's job like somebody who has done that job. There is an exclusive elite club of five people in our country that have had the same job and only those five know what it is to live that job day to day. The club is that of the Presidency of the United States. Today the living members are President's Bush the father, Ford, Carter, Clinton and Bush the son. Only those men know the rigors and pressures of the incredible job of the Presidency. Only those men truly know what goes on in this job.

This is why there has always been a courtesy that former Presidents have given to current Presidents. If a former President had a concern or criticism of the sitting President, the conversations would always be in private. It used to be unheard of to hear one President criticize another in public. It has been one of the great and admirable things about our country. That has changed over the years, as President Carter, one of the worst Presidents in the history of our country, has felt free to criticize in public, both Clinton and Bush.

What has not changed, at least until now is the fact that no President would ever think of publicly criticizing a war time President. It is political and social blasphemy for a former President to criticize a sitting President in a time of war. Enter Bill Clinton. A former impeached President. A man who in his time not only had sex with an intern, but gave away secrets to China, fast forwarding their nuclear program by twenty to thirty years by most estimates. A man who under his watch had terrorist attacks that he allowed to go unanswered, giving the terrorists of the world a new boldness and courage to attack us. A man who has done more damage to our country long term with his failed Presidency than maybe any other.

It is this man who is in the Arab United Emirates speaking at a University in Dubai who is criticizing President Bush on the Iraq war. A former President in the Middle East criticizing a sitting President who is at war. This in my opinion rises to the level of treason. How shameful and disgusting, evidencing for those three people who might not have realized how self centered and narcissistic, Bill Clinton truly is.

Agree or disagree with the war, the truth is we are at war. There is nothing lower Clinton could do at this time in our country. But then again the day is not over yet!

blog you later,
pastor tom