Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Praise God, I have good news to bring today, I am back on the air as of today. It is an awesome thing to see how God works through His people. I would like to publicly thank Dave Young the Exec. Vp of Blount Communications for going to bat for me and making the way for this to happen. I also would like to thank Bill Blount who owns the station for agreeing, as ultimately it is his final decision. I am excited to have this opportunity once again and I pray that I will remain faithful to the Lord in all that I do, not just on the radio. So here we go, back at it. Special thanks to all of those who wrote in and called in, although some of you could have been kinder, I understand your frustration and appreciate your having a passion about this, more than you know! As far as the Mr Heterosexual it is on as scheduled, put on by Mr. Hetero Promotions, which again has nothing to do with the radio station in any way, shape or manner. I look forward to this opportunity with all of you again! See you at 2:00pm on the air!

blog you later,
pastor tom