Friday, December 09, 2005


Well you never know! You just never know! Today I felt was a great day after a great night. I had a great interview for 30 minutes on the biggest Christian Radio Station in Detroit. They loved the whole idea of the Mr. Hetero. Yesterday Focus on the Family ran the story on Family News in Focus, of course last night was an awesome opportunity to share the gospel. Well today after my radio show I was let go by the owner of the stations. He does not like the idea of being linked to the Mr. Hetero contests and told me if I was personally going to be involved with the events then I would not be allowed on the air again. So today was the last day for me on WVNE as the host of Engaging Your World. I would be lying if I said I was not saddened by this turn of events. I knew there would be a price to pay for this stand for God, and I knew that the politically correct among us would attack , but I had not considered this possibility. But my joy is that He is in control. I know He used the show for His glory in a variety of ways, and I praise God for the opportunity He gave me to do this.

I will not be able to say anything to anyone on the air, so if you are a listener and reading this, please know I did my best each day to be prepared to give you my best. I loved the relationship we had each day. To those I worked with at WVNE, Steve, Melissa, Joe, Dave Rheno it was awesome, thanks for all of your effort. A special thanks to my producer Randy Berkson, and especially to the Executive VP Dave Young for the faith he showed in me to put me on the air in the first place. Dave, I am sorry it ends this way, as the show was truly picking up some great momentum and by all accounts was turning into an awesome show!
To those who sponsored the show, thanks for putting your stewardship in the show.

Whats next? Only He knows!

blog you later,
pastor tom