Monday, December 19, 2005


The political correct police never stop. In San Diego this is going on, from the press release:

"A federal lawsuit has been filed in San Diego today on behalf of six young girls and their dance instructor who were told by City of Chula Vista officials that they could not perform their dance routine at the Chula Vista Holiday Festival because of the Christian message on their t-shirts and the Christian music they planned to dance to.

The six girls, ranging in age from eight to twelve years old, are part of a Christian hip hop dance troupe called the “Jesus Dancers”. The girls arrived for their performance on December 3, wearing black t-shirts bearing a silver cross and the words “Jesus Dancer” on the front.

The lawsuit alleges that John Gates, a recreation supervisor for the City told the dance troupe that they could not perform because of their t-shirts. The lawsuit also alleges that when Gates learned that the lyrics to the troupe’s music were Christian, he told them that the music was not permitted either. "

You see in our communist society you are not allowed to do or say anything that has to do with Jesus. You can only do what it is that the political correct police approve of. I mean the nerve of these girls to want to wear t-shirts with Jesus on them, how awful huh? Where does this all end? At its natural conclusion, a communistic, socialistic society that breeds the Stalins and Hitlers of the world.

As far as my battle, I am in the process of finding another venue and have some things in the works. All I can tell you presently is that it will be a bigger venue. Isn't that how the Lord works, allow one thing to go and replace it with something bigger and better? I will have more on that very soon, keep praying and fighting for your constitutional right of free speech and a free marketplace!

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pastor tom