Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Well it did not take long for the talk to begin. Last week I blogged about the unbelievable decision in Canada by another activist judiciary to allow sex in public at clubs. I made the point that the age of consent in Canada is 14! I brought up pedophilia as a concern. Judith Reisman a former consultant to three U.S. administrations said this,

"the court's controversial decision "will now make Canada a sex traffic playground for pedophiles.... the court's decision sends a clear message to pedophiles: "You don't have to go to Asia anymore. Pedophiles can have the blond, blue-eyed kids in Canada, too."

A clear message indeed. How long before this hits our borders? A telltale sign of where we are heading is the attempt in the movie Brokeback Mountain to make glamorous and legitimize homosexual relationships at the expense of traditional marriage. Though I have not seen the movie, I have read enough about it to know that the heroes are two homosexual cowboys who fall in love and are left to carry on in their painful heterosexual marriages while secretly pining away for one another. People are left after seeing the movie to comment on the beauty of the relationship the two men shared. You have not heard nor will fine comments about the tragedy that would be for the wives and the children left in the wake of such a disaster.

What does this have to do with the decision in Canada? Everything, as the precedent has been set that if done correctly you can move people to accept as normal what truly is abnormal and perverted. How long before there is a stirring movie about the love shared by a pedophile for his or her victims? How long before the beauty of the multi-partnered relationships are explored on the silver screen or the wonder of bestiality? Ridiculous you say? Well I think it wasn't too long ago that 14 year olds being able to legally have sex in public clubs, and a movie extolling the virtues of homosexual relationships were also ridiculous notions!

blog you later,
pastor tom