Thursday, December 22, 2005


Another brilliant decision from the bench, this time on the north side of our border, I give you this from the newswire:

OTTAWA, Ontario, December 21, 2005 ( - The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that group sex in publicly accessible venues is legal.

"In a ruling handed down this morning, Canada's Supreme Court has declared it is legal for clubs to provide opportunities for group sex. As long as consent is given, the area is somewhat private, and no payment is directly involved, partner exchanging or "swinging" and group participation in sexual acts is not considered illegal"

Well you say, what is the big deal? People should be free to do whatever it is that they want to do, and if that means group sex then that is their business. Well before you shake your head too quickly to agree with that last statement, let us add one other minor fact into the equation, the age of legal consent in Canada is 14! That is correct, 14! Which means then that 14 year olds are free to participate in group sex in clubs, with this wonderful protective clause, as long as they are not served alcohol.

It is now legal for 14 year olds in Canada to have group sex in clubs, they just cannot drink alcohol! How does that strike you mom and dad? Does the word pedophilia mean anything to you? You see this is where society ends up. This is where the "it does not matter what I do in the privacy of my bedroom" argument brings you. It becomes a question of who is defining where the line that a society will draw is? According to Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin, group sex neither offends nor harms the Canadian public.

You see it is not an issue of privacy,it is not an issue of live and let live, it is an issue of the lives, hearts, minds , bodies and souls of our children and grandchildren!

blog you later,
pastor tom