Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Today we highlight another hero in the cultural battle of political correctness. Laura Steele is her name and she is the student senator at large for Auburn University. She is standing up to the school as they have changed the name of the tree that they light every Christmas, from Christmas tree to Holiday tree. For 125 years they have called it a Christmas tree, but now they are giving it the politically correct name, bowing to the Trinity of tolerance, unity and political correctness.

Well she is doing something about it as she has put forth an official proposal to change the name of tree back to what it has been called for 125 years. Good for her! More people like that are needed in this day and age as the opportunity to stand for something that is right and true and good is everywhere. So Laura I salute you, Merry Christmas and when they you look at that tree all lit up at the University of Auburn, enjoy the beauty of that great old Christmas Tree!

blog you later,pastor tom