Friday, December 16, 2005


Well another eventful day. The Sturbridge Host and Conference let me know today that they are not allowing the Mr. Hetero event at their facility. They are claiming a breach of contract due to the contract stating Holland Congregational Church on it. We do have events at the host and it was assumed by those who printed it out that this was the case, but to be sure the gentleman who set this up for me was crystal clear as to what the event was. The real reason as given to me by the those there is that they have received a deluge of threatening emails from the gay community, particularly the business community threatening boycotts. In my conversation with the general manager he had a problem with the "were taking it back" rainbow bumper sticker that has the reference to the Genesis passage that gives the real reason for the rainbow. He also indicated he has a problem with the part of the event where I was going to have someone speak about "being put on the right path". I explained to him that yes there would be someone there who had formerly lived the homosexual lifestyle who would give a testimony to how they had been freed from that through Jesus Christ. He did not approve of that.

One interesting thing about this whole scenario is the incredible hypocrisy of it all. On Wednesday one of the managers there called me to inform me of the emails they had been getting, but assured me it everything was fine, that their facility would have no problem having gay weddings there, and even had an adult fetish event scheduled there in the past where people would ,according to him, "show their wares, leather whips etc." And the Sturbridge Host has no problem with those types of events, and so he assured me there would be no problem.

The reality is that the Host buckled to the gay activist lobby. And so on it goes. What we are learning through all of this is that tolerance is relative, and freedom of speech is free only if it is politically correct. But the Host could only do what it is that He ordained to be! To be sure, we will have the event as we wait for God to lead us to the place of His choosing. I would encourage all who read this blog to keep those involved in this arena in prayer as we seek to glorify Him through the celebration of His design and the life changing message that Jesus Christ died to forgive all who would come and beg Him to be their Savior!

blog you later,
pastor tom