Thursday, December 29, 2005


We read this from the Associated Press:

"High school students won't be debating the issue of intelligent design at state tournaments, the North Dakota High School Activities Association says.
Association spokesman Bob Hetler said parents and school administrators find the topic too controversial"

There are tournaments in many states where the best of the best have debating competitions. I believe the idea has been to have interesting, tough and even controversial topics to debate. Sadly this is where our great country is headed. We are becoming so politically correct that we cannot even have bright young people debate a topic such as intelligent design, because the politically correct police call it too controversial!

Adam Burnside, the debate coach at Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton, said he is baffled by North Dakota's decision. The Minnesota school attends several tournaments across the river.

``It's unfathomable that we're not going to allow some of the brightest, most articulate kids you can find to have an intelligent discussion on intelligent design,'' he said. ``Kids want to talk about it. It's a natural topic.''

It is a sad comment on a society when debate is stifled. One of things I have come to appreciate about this blog, is the debate it creates. Regardless of where you might stand on what I write, regardless if some of you even have fun attacking me personally, I love the fact that this forum creates debate and discussion. A society where debate is stifled is a society that ends up murdering those who do not fit in like Hitler did, or becomes a society where whole segments are oppressed like the women of the Taliban controlled areas. There must be debate, there must be discussion, it is healthy for a society.

There does not need to be agreement,nor does there need to be unity. There does need to be discussion and debate, as that is the fuel of a healthy Representative Republic. So while places like North Dakota discourage and prohibit debate of "controversial" topics, lets continue on with our daily discussions!

blog you later,
pastor tom