Monday, December 26, 2005


The Mass Family Institute's President Kris Mineau, did a great job spearheading the Vote on Marriage drive. The goal was to enable the people of Massachusetts to be able to vote on a definition of marriage as one man and woman. The petition was just to get it on the ballot in 2008 so that the people of the state could vote, a novel idea! Well the measure was overwhelmingly supported with 170,000 signatures and most likely over 135,000 verified. A tremendous amount seeing as what was needed was just 65,000. So the people of Massachusetts are one step closer to being able to exercise their right to vote on this issue.

Well the bullies on the block, the activist homosexual community cannot stand the idea that people could actually have the right to vote on this issue, so they , in true form have mobilized to intimidate and bully those who signed the petition. The following is taken off the website that they have designed to combat your right to vote. In this dialog they are talking about the possibility some of the names might be frauds, take a look at this:

"Thanks for posting the names! Gee whiz, I can't wait to intimidate some bigots. But wait! Now you guys tell me all the names are fraudulent!!!! How can I be sure the people I'm intimidating really signed the petition?

Remember, F**K the A&&!"

Obviously this has been cleaned up a bit, but do you get the point? This group, this small group of people are in the business of intimidating and bullying all of you. I know this better than most, being the subject of their recent attacks! They cannot wait to intimidate people who want to have the right to vote, which they term as bigots! So they are publishing the names, yours among them if you signed the petition with the hope that they can intimidate and scare you away from your constitutional right to vote. You see they are not interested in dialog, or reasonable discussion they are only interested in their agenda being accepted and if that comes at your expense, they could care less.

This is nothing new, as our great country has had those in the past that sought to keep people from voting, from those who discriminated against women to those who would not allow blacks a full vote. Like those in the past who sought to discriminate and keep people from voting, this group will also find their efforts to be in vain. As they will soon find out, when you endeavor to intimidate Americans from voting, you actually turn out more of the vote you wanted to prohibit!

blog you later,
pastor tom