Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Well it is happening. Sponsors of the radio show have been contacted and threatened, the high school where our church meets on Sundays has been contacted. I am regularly receiving emails that are interesting to say the least. On the blogs of people I have been likened to Al Qaiada and those who flew planes into the twin towers, and it has been suggested that I need to pass away. So here is the question;
Where is the tolerance? What happened to tolerance? Are we not a tolerant society? The unfortunate thing here is that the homosexual activist are trying to take the event and turn it into something it is not. Mr. Heterosexual is a celebration of God and His creation, His design. It has never been and never will be a hate-mongering, gay bashing event, which is why I have not allowed any one else in other places of the country to organize one without my input. Because I will not allow it to be that type of event.

What it will be is a fun and funny event also with the message that Jesus Christ at Calvary died for sinners, sinners of all types like you and like me. And should someone come to Christ begging for forgiveness of sins, He will forgive them, adopt them, transform them into His own image. Praise God!

So I invite you to consider this as you hear and see the distortions given from the others side... and ask yourself this question; Where's the tolerance?

blog you later,
pastor tom