Friday, April 21, 2006


For those of you who think that persecution is something that ends when you reach the golden years, consider this story. For 17 years, residents met weekly in the Warner Springs Estates clubhouse for a prayer and Bible study meeting. Warner is a senior mobile home park in Southern California. A place where people go to live amongst their peers in quiet and solitude. A place where they can go and play bingo and card games and even attend their own Bible study. Well that was all true until new leadership took over the homeowners association. In short order they contacted the pastor who was leading the Bible studies with a threatening letter telling him that there could no longer be a Bible study there.

No longer could there be the Wednesday night community Bible study that had been there for 17 years! And the pastor and others were told that to defy the letter was to be asking to be sued. Not only were they sent a letter but their study was disrupted by other tenants of the park. As they would try to conduct the study, other seniors would come in and turn up the television, play games and do whatever they could to disrupt the study of God's Word. An amazing display of persecution being immune to age and location.

But praise God for those seniors who have hung in there and committed to themselves to keeping the study. They have gone into homes to meet, and also are bringing a lawsuit against the association. Gods Word tells us clearly that anyone who seeks to live a Godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, regardless of how old you are or where you might live. So the next time you drive by a retirement community remember this account, and ask God to bless those who might be in the midst of persecution due to their stand for God and His Word! Do not be fooled by the white hair, bright colors and slow gait, real battle is taking place everywhere, including our retirement communities.

blog you later,
pastor tom