Tuesday, April 25, 2006


It saddens me to see the President of the United States seek to sentence a woman who spoke out against the leader of China to six months in prison. Weni Wyang shouted at the President at a recent press conference to stop the leader of China Hu Jintao from persecuting people of Falun Gong a religious group. She shouted at the Jintao that his days were numbered. It was something that you see from time to time from people who secure press credentials with the goal of disrupting an event. At worst this activity is a misdemeanor. But the administration is seeking to send this woman to prison for six months!

What is particularly disturbing about this is that China is one of the worst countries on the planet for religious persecution. Their record is atrocious, and they have consistently and systematically arrested, beaten and killed people for their faith. President Bush in a visit to China recently addressed that in a courageous way that was noted in this blog. But now the President is not only looking the other way, he is punishing a woman for speaking the truth. Add to this the reality that this is America, a country that prides itself on free speech and the rights of the people, and you have a truly hypocritical cowardly act by the administration.

In most cases I am a supporter of this President, but this is troubling to me. I have a hard time with our country having normalized relations with China, due to the persecution they reign down on the church, let alone punishing some poor woman who had the courage to speak the truth. It is also noteworthy that when this began to happen, China cut the newsfeed to their country, and when CNN International spoke of it later that night, China cut the feed from them as well.

I would urge the President to reconsider this aggressive move on this woman, and suggest that he look to channel that aggression elsewhere, say Iran for example?

blog you later,
pastor tom