Monday, April 24, 2006


Here is a story that will warm and break your hearts. Orfa Elisa Jimenez is an eight year old girl who was among the sixty that were involved in one of the worst bus crashes ever in Mexico. She is also only one of the two that actually survived, as fifty eight out of sixty died. How is it that she survived? This eight year old girl credits her grandmother who was on the bus with her. She says as the bus crash began to take place her grandmother grabbed her and held her tight, giving up her life for the life of her granddaughter. No greater love than one give their life for another.

We see the love of Jesus Christ in this grandmother who certainly knew what has happening. She knew much better than her eight year old granddaughter the severity of the situation, and she chose to do all she could to spare the eight year olds life. As the bus tumbled down the ravine, the girl reported that her grandmother held her tightly all the way down, giving up her life for the life of another. So today this eight year old has a life ahead of her, in which she is responsible and accountable to the grandmother who gave her life for her. This eight year old knows she has a legacy to live up to.

Isn't that how we should feel about our lives in light of the sacrifice Christ paid for us. He died so that we could live, and we ought to view our lives in the same way the eight year old does, indebted. We are indebted to the one who gave us life, and should live with that in view. May God bless this eight year old girl as she lives out the life her grandmother sacrificed to give her, and may He bless us as we live out the life that He has given those of us that are His!

On another note, I am traveling this week to Kentucky to a pastor's conference and will do my best to blog each day.

blog you later,
pastor tom