Tuesday, May 16, 2006


So I am gone a week and the first day in the office I forget to do a blog! Well I did not forget, I had intentions to get it done, until about 10:30 pm and that was it I called it a day. But we are back at it today with an example of how biased media can truly be. CNN, that bastion of the left, last night while Jeff Greenfield was speaking, cut to a shot of the President as he prepared for his speech. It was a shot that showed the President reading his speech , looking at the camera and then back at his notes. What is the big deal you ask? First, this was pool coverage that was inadvertently made available to the networks, you do not normally have shot of a President in preparation for a speech. Second, no other network took the opportunity to show this live feed, as they rightly understood the unfairness of a shot like that, as well as the chance of embarrassing a President of the United States.

CNN, on the other hand, made no such decision. As usual their ideology drove their on air decisions. I am sure they were salivating at the opportunity to show the President in a situation that could possibly bring ridicule and embarrassment to him Fortunately that did not happen and once again the world saw how transparent CNN is. What this should remind us of, is the necessity to think for ourselves and not trust everything we read or see. CNN simply made another reprehensible decision designed to promote the propaganda machine that is their network. The only thing missing was Dan Rather at the controls. Actually Dan is looking for work, come to think of it, it would be a perfect fit!

blog you later,
pastor tom