Friday, May 19, 2006


We are finally here at the day everyone worldwide has anticipated for months. It is the day of the opening of the Da Vinci Code movie. Throughout the world there is excitement, anger, embracing and protests. Some cannot wait to see the movie while others are boycotting it. The box office is expected to be huge, while there are countries that have officially banned it. It really is an amazing thing to watch. I cannot remember in my lifetime such a widespread reaction, both positive and negative to a movie. So the question becomes what is it that we are to do with this? As believers what is our role here? We believe that God is sovereign and in His sovereignty He has allowed this movie at this time in history. We also know that His Word tells us that His ways are not our ways. So what is our place in all of this?

I believe as His ambassadors we are to be ready to give an answer to this movie. By that I mean there are some fundamental doctrines that come under attack in both the movie and the book. Things we should be able to deal with intelligently. First, the idea of Jesus not being God. This should be easy for believers to deal with as one thing that Jesus made absolutely clear was that He was God in flesh. Second, the idea that the Bible is some writings made up by man. We should be able to demonstrate how it is that the Word of God came to us and the miracle of the Bible we have today. Third, the idea that the Council of Nicea was where Constantine came up with some of these ideas, to protect the church. We should be able to discuss the Council of Nicea with others, as we owe a debt to that council. These would be the three things we should be ready to speak about. As far as Jesus marrying Mary Magdalene and having a bloodline, that and other things are so absurd, they do not need addressing.

What I am not going to do in this blog is give you the answers that you need to have for these areas. I believe it would be glorifying to God and good for your souls for you to do the research. Do the work. Go to the Word, search the documents of the Council of Nicea. There might not be a more rewarding exercise for you to undertake, and that alone would demonstrate how He brings glory to Himself through all things, even awful, distorted, factually ignorant things like the Da Vinci Code!

blog you later,
pastor tom