Tuesday, May 30, 2006


There is an interesting survey out by Brides.com. In this survey they found that one in three women on their wedding night will not not engage in the normal intimate activity expected on that occasion. One in three women will simply go to sleep, while one in ten will plan just to stay up and talk about the events of the day. Now this might seem like not a big deal, but I do think it is revealing of our culture and its view of marriage and sex. I would guess that the anticipated wedding night consummation of the marriage has waned, due to the fact that couples rarely are waiting to be married before they have sex. And so if you are tired, or just want to talk, it really is not a big deal since there is nothing else "new" to do.

Another fascinating statement comes from the San Diego Union-Tribune;
"Some relationship experts suggest the bride and groom have sex on the morning of the wedding – a way to calm jitters and squeeze in the act when they have plenty of energy".

Which means there are so called experts advising couples to go ahead and have sex on the morning of their wedding to calm their jitters. Do you hear the shift in the tide? We do not want anyone to have jitters, we do not want anyone to be nervous on their wedding day, so we tell them to have sex? Why not be nervous? But ours is a day and age where we cannot tolerate the idea of having to have to deal with any real feelings, so we medicate, numb and recommend even sex as a way to calm those marriage jitters. Nothing new here, just a reminder of how devalued marriage has become and how little respect our society has for the covenant it truly is!

blog you later,
pastor tom