Friday, May 26, 2006


The House of Representatives and the Senate are now involved in negotiating what bill, dealing with immigration, they will actually pass for the President to sign. It is an interesting process. When the Senate and House pass differing bills for the same issue they go into meetings to negotiate the final bill that will be presented. A good system of checks and balances that keeps the accountability and sensibility on most issues. The easiest way to describe their difference on this issue is that the House passed a bill that simply makes the illegal immigrants illegal, an interesting notion, and also calls for more border security, while the Senate passed a bill with ways for the illegal immigrants to stay in the country and have a road to legalization.

What is interesting to me is that a group of people, the illegal immigrants, have broken the law on such a widespread basis that it has been simply accepted by many. Many, including the President and the Senate have simply come to terms with the fact that they are here illegally and they have won. In my opinion the House of Representatives has it right. Why would we give in and make new legislation to accommodate law breakers? Why not simply enforce the laws that are on the books? It seems to me that the President and the Senate are looking for ways to make it easier for people to break the law while also rewarding those that have already done so. The gold ring for these politicians is to come up with a way to describe their plan without using the word "amnesty". But you can be sure if the Senate or the President's version is adopted or even integrated it is amnesty, and will be another sign that we will likely see the fall of the empire known as the United States of America, in our lifetime!

blog you later,
pastor tom