Monday, May 01, 2006


Well, it is here, the day of boycott by all in favor of the illegal immigrants. Today is a day of marches and boycotts with the intent of letting everyone know how important the illegal immigrant is to our country. Today is the day the rest of us are supposed to learn our lesson and stop trying to get people to follow the law. Maybe others will follow suit, consider the possibility if all other law breakers decided to hold a one day boycott. There could be a march with pedophiles holding signs declaring how much they are needed in our economy. Or a parade of men who are wife beaters, declaring their importance to our country. The possibilities are endless, and highlight the absurdness of it all.

But there is a telling protest happening in Mexico. People all over the country are boycotting American products to declare their outrage at our wanting to have a nation that follows the law. So this morning at the Mexico City Burger King there was just one customer in the first ninety minutes the business was open. A powerful sign to the American companies and politicians that these people are serious and should be taken as such. A gauntlet lain down that makes it clear that we should listen to those in Mexico and not be so quick to put up a wall or be so callous to want to enforce our laws. There is only one problem with their protest of the Burger King in Mexico City, it is owned by a Mexican! That is correct, in all of their wisdom they are actually boycotting themselves, showing us all the foolishness of their position.

blog you later,
pastor tom