Wednesday, May 03, 2006


It's over! The Commander in Chief is gone! That's right ABC has pulled the struggling television show that puts forth the first woman president, played by Geena Davis. I have never seen the show, which means absolutely nothing, as there are many shows I have never seen, but the fact that the show did not make it is an interesting development. When the show was first announced it was with great fanfare and expectation. What was most fascinating was the drumbeat from the left that this show would be a hit and prove that America is ready for a woman president, particularly Hillary Clinton. My question now is does the canceling of this series mean that America is not ready for an woman president, particularly Hillary Clinton? And will those pundits from the left who saw this series as the first step to the countries acceptance of Hillary, now posture that we are not ready for Hillary?

You know the answer to that question as well as I do, you will hear nothing from anyone who saw the series as a plus for Hillary's campaign. But the bigger question is will we have a President Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2008? Many, in fact most "experts" say that she will win the democratic nomination but will not be able to carry the fly over states of middle America. Everything in me wants to believe that, and for the most part does, except for this one huge issue, who is going to be the republican nominee? While what the pundits say makes a lot of sense, you have to factor in who her opponent will be, and that is where it gets a little frightening. Because the reality is that if the republicans do not run someone at her with high name recognition and positive public persona, then we might be looking at another President Clinton. The other problem with the republican situation, is that those who currently fit the bill, Mccain, and Guliani, are not your true conservative republicans, which means they could have the opposite problem of not being able to win the nomination, though they would be the most likely to defeat Clinton.

Interesting times for people like me who enjoy and get geeked up over politics. I might have to take matters into my own hand and run myself. Maybe in eight years, I thought of waiting sixteen but I do not believe the country can wait. Here again is my platform. If elected I would do four things immediately;

1. Order a wall built around the borders that are being infiltrated by illegal immigrants, north and south.

2. Order drilling on our own land for oil.

3. Order the process for declaring a national definition of marriage to be only between one man and one woman.

4. Make Swiss Cake Rolls the national food!

My favorite on my platform is number 4!

blog you later,
pastor tom