Thursday, May 25, 2006


Finally someone with some courage! Principal Diane Rouse refused to let Kevin Logan, 18, go to his prom. Kevin attends West Side High School in Gary, Ind. and has spent the year coming to class in drag. He is a professed homosexual and outraged that he was not allowed in to the prom. The principal, to her credit stood her ground and did not allow Kevin to come dressed in drag. Now I am sure there will be a lawsuit and the principal will come out on the short end of the stick. I am sure there will be the usual violation of rights mantra given as the foundation of the lawsuit. But the question must be asked, at what point does someone's rights end?

Where do we, or do we ever draw the line with someone's rights? Is it a violation of someone's rights to tell them they cannot steal or rape or murder? Is not that a violation of someone's rights? We have unfortunately elevated the individuals rights above the good of society and culture. Common decency and respect have been thrown out under the guise of "rights". The truth is that Kevin does not have a right to come to the prom dressed in drag. It is a perversion and it is insulting to the rest of the student body and the school. Some would say what is the harm? The harm is the continued erasing of gender differences. The harm is the acceptance of Kevin "as he is", to his detriment. Instead of holding up Kevin as some type of hero or victim, someone should be trying to help this troubled young man. But to do that would be to violate his "rights"!

blog you later,
pastor tom