Wednesday, May 10, 2006


This from Florida;
"Prosecutors say an assistant principal at DeLand High School tried to get a student to videotape herself having sex. The state attorney said Tyrone Tinsley also asked two girls to have sex with each other."

It seems that when students were sent to the Assistant Principal for discipline issues they got more than they bargained for. This is just another in a long list of incredible heinous acts in the public school systems of America. We are growing accustomed to hearing of teachers who have taken advantage of those entrusted to their care, and now we are seeing the abuse does not stop at the classroom door. Can you imagine the pressure and effect that an event like this would have on a student? A man in an incredible position of authority and responsibility taking advantage of young people who look up to and probably even feared to some degree.

It seems to me it is high time for someone in the government to begin to look into what is going on in the public schools of our country. It is time to institute some real penalties for these acts, for both male and female perpetrators. As a parent it has to be a tough thing to send your child off to public school each day. By now you should understand that no one is to be trusted and anyone in that school from a teacher to a principal could be a possible sexual deviant who will possibly prey on your child! Sure makes homeschooling look good!

blog you later,
pastor tom