Thursday, June 08, 2006


Tim Bono is a film and video lab owner. He owns Bono Film and Video Inc. in Arlington Virginia. He was approached by a prospective customer by email to reproduce videos entitled "Gay and Proud" and "Second Largest Minority." These were works promoting the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle. Mr. Bono refused the work on the grounds that it offended him as a Christian and he would not involve himself in work that would violate his faith. You would think as a business owner he would have the right to decide who he would and would not accept business from, but then again remember this is America, where the politically correct reign.

It should not surprise you that he has been reported by the prospective customer and has been ordered by the Arlington Human Rights Commission to do the work for free or find another company to do the work for the customer, again at his expense. Thankfully he has filed a lawsuit to fight these absurd requirements. But this is another indication of just how far from decency and freedom we have fallen. Why should this business owner have to involve himself in business he does not want? Particularly business that will involve him in producing very disturbing images. But we are on a very fast free fall from a free society to a police state where big brother decides what we can and cannot do. It is also a reminder of the progressive nature of persecution against believers in Christ.

Do you think for a moment that if this business owner were Muslim that anyone would treat him this way? Of course not, and that is the double standard that exists in the increasingly politically correct, corrupt, socialist state once known as America!

blog you later,
pastor tom